Our flavorful, moist and classic buttercream cakes are unique and tailored to fit each order. Classic, southern-style frosted and decorated designs are our specialty, with natural decorative accents, florals and edible pearls. Each can be paired with any of our fabulous frosting and filling combinations to create the perfect sized cake for your next perfectly lovely occasion!

Cakes are available in 4″’, 6″ 8″, 10″ and 12″ rounds and may also be tiered by ascending size.

*Specialty items and designs may be requested and price will be up-charged accordingly*

*Larger occasion and wedding cakes are available. Please contact the shop to set up a consultation.*

Single Cakes

6″ single cake (serves on avg. 9) |  $40

8″ single cake (serves on avg. 15 ) |  $55

10″ single cake (serves on avg. 30 ) |  $65

*The above prices reflect a standard decorating package. Any special orders for a custom creation will require an additional charge to cover decorating.  Please send in your order via email and we will call you with the total cost for the cake.  Thanks!

Tiered Cakes

two-tiered cake (6″ and 4″) |  $70

two-tiered cake (8″ and 6″) |  $85

two-tiered cake (10″ and 8″) |  $110

*Special decorating of any 2 Tier Cake will require an additional decorating fee.

*Please inquire about flavor options for tiered cakes, not all on the menu may apply*

Mini Cakes

$33/12 Mini Tortes
$8/5″ Mini Torte

Chocolate Ganache Fudge Torte

Mini Cheesecakes


Classic Cream Cheesecake
Honey Goat Cheese
Nutella Fudge
Cookie Butter
White Chocolate Peppermint
Cinnamon Pumpkin
Birthday Cake
Red Velvet
Caramel Apple

Specialty Layer Cakes

$55 each
The Kit Kat Cake
A 6″ round, triple-layer rich flourless torte, filled with triple chocolate ganache and dark caramel, surrounded by Kit Kat candy bars!
The Mascarpone Cannoli Layer Cake
A 6″ round double-layer almond cream cake, filled with mascarpone cannoli cream and chocolate chips, covered in fresh cream, surrounded by fudge cookie sticks. A true Italian masterpiece!

The Cheesecake Cream Cake
Your choice of our Vanilla Sugar, Dark Fudge or Black Velvet 6″ Cake, baked with an entire Cream Cheesecake in between, then topped with fresh cream and chocolate garnish!